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The Holy Name (2023)

God the Father gave His incarnate Son the holy name of Jesus as a sign of our salvation. We pray Him to plant in our hearts the love of Him who is the Savior of the world. The Holy Name (January 1), from The Book of Common Prayer. Play …

The Nativity of Our Lord-Christmas Day (2022)

On this Christmas Day, the yearly festival of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that we who joyfully receive Him as our Redeemer may confidently behold Him when He comes to be our Judge. The Nativity of Our Lord: Christmas Day (first collect), from The Book of …

Fourth Sunday of Advent (2022)

In this fourth week of Advent we ask our Almighty God to purify our conscience by His daily visitation. Fourth Sunday of Advent, from The Book of Common Prayer. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More