Prayers for the Church Year and for Various Occasions from:

  • Book of Common Prayer (New York: Oxford University Press), February, 1990.

Meditations from:

  • Devotions and Prayers of Johann Arndt, selected and translated by John Joseph Stoudt (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House), 1958.
  • Sacred Meditations by Johann Gerhard, translated by Rev. C. W. Heisler (Malone, Texas: Repristination Press), originally published in 1896 by the Lutheran Publication Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; second printing: September, 2000.
  • Starck’s Prayer-Book: From the German Edition of Dr. F. Pieper, translated by W. H. T. Dau (St. Louis, Missouri: Concordia Publishing House), 1921.
  • True Christianity: A Treatise on Sincere Repentance, True Faith, The Holy Walk of the True Christian, Etc., by the Venerable Johann Arndt. Originally translated into English by Rev. A. W. Boehm, 1712; A New American Edition, revised, corrected, and furnished with additional matter from the original German by Charles F. Schaeffer, 1868.